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16 MAR 2019

John Howell MP welcomes over £24,500 to clean up high streets in South Oxfordshire, coinciding with High Street Saturday

I have welcomed over £24,500 to clean up high streets across South...

16 MAR 2019

Intervention in debate on Health and Social Care Professional Council

John Howell (Henley) (Con) A lot of these organisations have always said that they want to keep...

15 MAR 2019

Votes on Article 50

Following on from Wednesday's parliamentary votes on the subject of no-deal, I think it is...

14 MAR 2019

MP supports Young Climate Warriors

I have written to all schools and to the Diocese of Oxford to encourage them to support Young...

14 MAR 2019

Votes on a No Deal Brexit

There has been an understandable degree of confusion surrounding the exact nature of the votes last...

13 MAR 2019

Local community funding boost

I have welcomed the news that a good cause in my constituency has received funding from players of...

13 MAR 2019

Intervention in debate on on-line gambling

John Howell (Henley) (Con) My hon. Friend makes a strong point. Is it not the case that online...

13 MAR 2019

Contribution to debate on modern farming

John Howell (Henley) (Con) This point is not allied to the last one, but the police have raised...

12 MAR 2019

Question on Commonwealth

John Howell (Henley) (Con) The Minister will be as aware as I am that the Nigerian elections have...

12 MAR 2019

Question in statement on Syria

John Howell (Con) The Minister has already mentioned Iran, which has a substantial military...

08 MAR 2019

Education funding

A number of people have written to me with observations on school funding. I am happy to respond...

07 MAR 2019

Question in Urgent Question on knife crime

John Howell (Henley) (Con) I am glad the Minister sees this as not just a London problem. The...

07 MAR 2019

Speech on Kurdistan

John Howell (Henley) (Con) It is a great pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Sir Henry. I...

06 MAR 2019

Question in Urgent Questionon Social Security

John Howell (Henley) (Con) I produced a list of things that had gone wrong in the claims procedures...

06 MAR 2019

More on Brexit

There is nothing that is very much new to add to the subject of Brexit at this stage. We shall have...

06 MAR 2019

Otmoor and the Expressway

Otmoor The link above will take you to a letter I have received from the Minister of Transport about the...

06 MAR 2019

Question on FiTs

John Howell (Henley) (Con) When the scheme was closed down, there was a lot of talk about...

05 MAR 2019

Question in debate on Kosovo

John Howell (Henley) (Con) I am a member of the Council of Europe, which is very interested in...

05 MAR 2019

Question in debate on Catholic 6th form colleges

John Howell (Henley) (Con) I wonder whether the hon. Gentleman wanted to add at this point the...

05 MAR 2019

Question in Urgent Question on Eurotunnel

John Howell (Henley) (Con) The Secretary of State has talked about medicines, but there are also...

05 MAR 2019

Question in Urgent Question on Probation Service

John Howell (Henley) (Con) Does the Minister agree that the task of rehabilitation can be helped...

02 MAR 2019

Climate Change

I have said in my article in the Thame Gazette this week that I believe that climate change is a...

27 FEB 2019

Intervention in debate on eating disorders

John Howell (Henley) (Con) My hon. Friend has talked about the effect on constituents. I have to...

27 FEB 2019

Question on Hezbollah

John Howell (Henley) (Con) Is it not the truth that there is not the slightest shred of evidence,...

26 FEB 2019

Speech on Global Education

John Howell (Henley) (Con) It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Hollobone. It...

25 FEB 2019

Speech in debate on sex education

John Howell (Henley) (Con) I shall try to be absolutely impeccable, Mrs Moon. It is a great...

25 FEB 2019

Question to the Home Office about EU nationals

John Howell (Henley) (Con)  What support he is providing to applicants to the EU settlement...

20 FEB 2019

Question in debate on foreign prisoners

John Howell (Henley) (Con) I thank my hon. Friend for giving way very graciously. I hope he will be...

19 FEB 2019

Question in Statement on Making Tax Digital

John Howell (Henley) (Con) One of the problems areas in my constituency is the farming industry,...

19 FEB 2019

Question in Statutory Instrument on mediation

John Howell (Henley) (Con) As my hon. and learned Friend knows, I am hoping to become an associate...

18 FEB 2019

Question on FlyBMI

John Howell (Henley) (Con) The collapse of Flybmi is to be very much regretted, but does the...

18 FEB 2019

Question on Returning from Syria

John Howell (Henley) (Con) In the European Court of Human Rights, the case of K2 v. the United...

14 FEB 2019

Speech on human rights in the UK

John Howell (Henley) (Con) It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Gapes, and a...

13 FEB 2019

Contribution to debate on young carers

John Howell (Henley) (Con) Taking the hon. Gentleman back to the schools situation, does he think...

12 FEB 2019

Intervention in debate on seasonal workers

John Howell (Henley) (Con) I agree with what the hon. Gentleman is saying about workers' rights,...

12 FEB 2019

Question in debate on Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

John Howell (Henley) (Con) Does this matter not come down to a fundamental issue, namely that if...

12 FEB 2019

Question in BEIS questions today

John Howell (Henley) (Con) In my role as the Prime Minister's trade envoy to Nigeria, I am aware...

12 FEB 2019

The Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Expressway

I am sorry to have to write again on the subject of the Oxford-Milton Keynes-Cambridge Expressway...

11 FEB 2019

Speech on school opening hours

John Howell (Henley) (Con) It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mrs Main, and it is a...

11 FEB 2019

National and local

One of the most interesting challenges for an MP is dealing with the bigger picture issues such as...

10 FEB 2019

MPs expenses

As in past years, i am providing a note of my parliamentary expenses for the year -...

07 FEB 2019

Business Question on Sharia Law

John Howell (Henley) (Con) At the recent Council of Europe meeting, we heard details of how sharia...

07 FEB 2019

Question in Urgent Question on Roaming Charges

John Howell (Henley) (Con) Does the Secretary of State agree that consumer protection is behind his...

07 FEB 2019

Comments on debate on Pensions Dashboard

John Howell (Henley) (Con) Is it not true that we need to get the governance of the pensions...

06 FEB 2019

Participation in debate on the UK financial services hub

John Howell (Henley) (Con) I am a former partner in Ernst & Young, so mine is a completely...

The Henley constituency runs from near the edge of Bicester in the north to the edge of Reading in the south skirting Oxford to the east. It covers some 270 square miles and has around 77,000 voters. It includes some of the area covered by Cherwell District Council and some of the area covered by South Oxfordshire District Council. It is a largely rural constituency with only two major towns - Henley on Thames and Thame. The River Thames defines a large part of the boundary of the constituency.

The Boundary Commission proposals make few changes to the constituency removing no wards and adding three - two from the Banbury constituency and one from the Oxford West and Abingdon constituency.

One of the joys of this constituency is the range of different events and activities with which I am able to be involved. You can access these by going to the map page and then clicking on your own town or village. Many of these events demonstrate the enormous public spirited nature of the people of this area and the generosity in time and money they show to the charity and voluntary sectors. I am pleased to have been able to support many of these activities.

To contact John and to book a surgery appointment:
0207 219 6676
Email: howelljm@parliament.uk
House of Commons
London, SW1A 0AA
01491 613072
PO Box 84
Oxfordshire, OX49 5XD
Surgery: 01491 613072

Surgeries are rotated between Henley, Thame, Chinnor, Woodcote and Watlington.

Election on 8 June 2017

At the General Election on 8 June 2017 I was returned as the MP for the Henley constituency.  I am honoured to have a majority of 22,294 over my nearest rival.  I am conscious that a large number of people have put their trust in me as their MP and I look forward to repaying that trust with the work I do in Parliament and in the constituemcy.