15 JUL 2009


Meeting with Oxfordshire Carers Forum

23 JUL 2011

Abingdon Lock

Brieifng with Environment Agency

29 NOV 2009

Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve

Planted a juniper tree as part of the Treemendous project

Opening of Field Classrom Field Farm

Meeting with farmers

21 SEP 2011

Aston Rowant village tour 2011

Village tour 2011

18 MAR 2009

Aston Rowant, Sydenham, Kingston Blount

Meeting with local parish councillors about sewage problem

Visit to Aston Rowant Primary School

Meeting with parishes and Thames Water

Meeting with RAF Benevolent Fund

17 JUL 2011


Talk to Henley Probus Club

14 NOV 2009


Visit to Beckley School

Visit to RSPB

Visit to constituent

20 SEP 2011

Beckley village tour 2011

Village tour 2011

25 OCT 2012

Beckley village tour 2012

Villge tour

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Benson

RAF Benson surgery 25 July 2014 - attended

Benson Library 11 July 2014 - gave two books

Re-opening Benson Library 3 July 2014 - re-opened

RAF Benson 22 May 2014 Annual reception

McDonalds Benson 16 May 2014 Visit McDonaldsBenson

Annual Parish Meeting 8 May 2014

Attended CAE RAF Benson 28 February 2014

Visit to simulators Air Ambulance reception RAF Benson 27 September 2013 Introduction to charity and the ambulance

Earlier events

Briefings with base commander

Attended family day RAF Benson

Visit to RAF Benson school

Spoke at Annual Parish Meeting

Opened Bob's Corner

Visit to Benson Primary School

Attended RAF Benson families day 2009

Attended RAF Homecoming march past

John Howell In Touch house meeting

Chaired meetings of the liaison group between Hazell & Jefferies and local parishes

Visited OxPAst 2010

Attended RAF Benson families day 2010

Meeting with PACt re fostering

Surgeries on the base

Dinner to say goodbye to current commander and welcome new

Meeting PACT re forsteringMeeting Benson Patient group

Opening new Post Office

Attended and spoke at Libraries meeting

Meeting between Benson and Ewelme Parish Councils

Meeting with Parish Council chairman

Attended and spoke at APM

Meeting with SOHA and tenants

Visit to RAF Benson school

RAF Benson families day

Chaired liaison committee with Hazel & Jeffries

RAF Benson surgery 30 September

Arranged for Ministerial visit to RAF Benson

Attended RAF Benson annual reception

Visit to Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Cool Milk at the school

Visit to RAF Benson

Surgery RAF Benson

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Berinsfield

Berinsfield Community Business 17 September 2014 – visited

Visit to company in Berinsfield 13 June 2014 - discussion about SME access to government work

Earlier events

Attended Berinsfield village weekend

Attended Church clock dedication

Attended tree planting ceremony for former County Councillor Roy Tudor-Hughes

Up-date on village issues with Parish Council chairman

Attended ceremony to award Williams Performance Tenders the Queen's Award for Enterprise


Visit to school 2011

Church anniversary party

Surgery 28 October

Meeting Employment Action Group

Cheque presentation Abingdon Gym

16 FEB 2010

Berrick Salome

Discussions on sewage and drainage problems

28 JAN 2015

Binfield Heath

Most recent events in Binfield Heath

Binfield Heath Parish Council 22 September 2014- attended and spoke

12 APR 2011


Visit to summer fair

Visit to constituent

Visit to church fete 2011

Visit to investment dinner

27 MAR 2010


Most recent events in Bletchingdon

Bletchingdon Parish Council 18 September 2014- met council

Golf range Bletchingdon 24 January 2014 Visit to Golf range

Earlier events

Public meeting

Street Surgery June 2010

Visit to school

Meeting with local dairy farmers

28 JUN 2009

Brightwell Baldwin

Opened village fete 2009

28 JUN 2009

Britwell Salome

Meeting with local farmers and visiting New Zealand MPs

Speaker for parish meeting November 2009

Meeting local residents

Meeting with Caroline Newton

18 MAR 2009


Visit to Close Care Home

Visit to Leonard Cheshire Home

Opened new facilities at Close Care Home

31 JUL 2009

Caversham Lakes (Sonning Eye)

Visit to Olympic rowing training lake

Visited a training session with GB olympic rowers

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Chalgrove

Chalgrove May Fair 5 May 2014 Attended

Opening of play area in Chalgrove, 18 January 2014 Helped open

Chalgrove Association for Life-long Learning 23 September 2013 Talk

Medical surgery Chalgrove 18 September 2013 Visit to see surgery and discuss ownership

Earlier events

Discussion group with tenants of Monument business park

Visit to Chalgrove Primary School

Visit to Blazepoint engineering company

Visit to discuss business with local shops

Attended Chalgrove festival 2011

Business lunch for business park September 2011

Opening of new cafe on Monument Park

Meeting Heart FM

Surgery in cafe on Monument Park

Meeting with local flooding group

Visit to church during Art Week 2013

14 MAY 2011

Charlton on Otmoor

Visit to the school

18 MAR 2009


Meetings and support for Post Office

Visit to primary school

Visit to Checkendon Equestrian Centre

Visit to Checkendon village hall

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events

St Andrews Chinnor 20 June 2014 - attended for Send My Friend to School

Chinnor Rugby Club 8 March 2014 Attended lunch and spoke

Chinnor RFC 14 September 2013 Guest of the club at 50th anniversary dinner

Chinnor Railway 6 October 2013 Welcomed home first train via main line in 56 years

Surgery Chinnor 14 December 2013

Earlier events

Visit to St Andrews School to discuss swimming pool

Opening of parish council offices

Visit to Chiltern Conservation Board

Visit to Chinnor and Princes Risborough railway

Visited MBE winner, David De Val

Visited St Andrews School to discuss re-build with parents

Attended St. Andrews School, Big Read assembly

Visited Mill Lane School (parental permission obtained for photo)

Attended Village Centre Fun Day 2009

Took the salute at Beating Retreat for British Legion and Chinnor Beer Festival

Chinnor quizz night 2010

Chinnor Village Gala

Visit to Lotte's kitchen

Quizz night 2011


Visit to congratulate new distirct councillor

Attendance at Diamond Jubilee Service

11 JUN 2014


Most recent events

Churches Conservation Trust 23 May 2014

05 JAN 2011

Christmas Common

Gave prizes for Christmas trees Christmas Common 23 October 2014-participated

Visit to Greenfield Farm

23 MAY 2009

Clifton Hampden

Visit to Primary School

Met school on visit to Parliament

28 JAN 2015

Cookley Green

Most recent events in Cookley Green

Cookley Green Remembrance 3 August 2014 - read the lesson and joined remembrance

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Crowmarsh

Crowmarsh Gifford School 11 July 2014 – attended to receive Send My Friend to School information

Style Acre, Crowmarsh Gifford 17 September 2013 Visited and met staff and those attending

Earlier events

Visit to Environment Agency to discuss flooding

Attended public meeting on proposed Bloor housing development

Attended public inquiry (day 3) into Bloor housing development

Visit to the school

Discussions with parish council re. village

Informal briefing of SODC planners on Open Source Planning

Visit to CABI

Visit to HR Wallingford re. flooding

Visit to Hydrology Centre

Meeting with SODC cabinet

Visit to CABI

Visit to the school

Visit to Battle Farms

07 JUN 2012


Visit to present prizes at fete 2012

Village fete 2013

18 MAR 2009


Reaction Engines Culham 6 October 2014-attended meeting

Europa School Culham 3 October 2014-attended meeting

Culham meeting 15 September 2014 - attended to talk about traffic

Briefing on JET project at Culham and subsequent hosting of JET at the House of Commons for a lunchtime seminar

Visit to Culham Primary School

Attended reception in the House of Lords for Culham Academy Project

Oxonline seminar

Visit to LGC Forensics

Visit to Reaction Engtines

Up-date on JET

Meeting re future of Culham School and European School

Welcome to Swan Uppers

12 JUN 2014


Most recent events in Cuxham

Cuxham broadband 7 February 2014 Meeting about local broadband

20 JUN 2009


Briefing with Police Area Commander

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Dorchester

Dorchester Parish Council 19 September 2014- met council

Dorchester Skills Festival 25 August 2014 – attended

Dorchester Sailing Club 28 June 2014 - opened

Dorchester Abbey 25 April 2014 50th birthday service of Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust

Earlier events

Opened Dorchester fete

Visit to village carbon project meeting

Supported Dorchester festival

Visited Dorchester fete 2010

Meetings with PAGE executives

Performed in Dorchester festival 2011

Visit to Music for Autism and Soundabout concert

Visit to St Birinus School

Judge in Diamond Jubilee fancy dress competition

Bone Cancer concert

Invited to charity event "Messiah"

Attended service to celebrate Women in the church

Dorchester festival 2013

Visit to Arts Week 2013

18 MAR 2009


Public meeting on Reading transport bid

Visit to Loddon brewery

21 FEB 2011


Visit to the church

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Ewelme

Ewelme Fair 25 August 2014 – attended

Earlier events

Officially welcomed new priest in charge at his licensing

Visit to Ewelme Primary School

Visit to Ewelme Church fete 2010

Visit to see how local shop was doing

Visit to local pottery as part of 2012 Arts Week

Ewelme fete 2013

18 MAR 2009


Attended Garsington Parish Council meeting to introduce myself and put a face to a name

Visit to Garsington Primary School

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Goring

Catherine Wheel, Goring 8 October 2014- served behind the bar

Goring Parish Council 16 September 2014- met council

STIG Goring 1 March 2014 Attended meeting

Goring Heath Almshouses 11 October 2013 Discussion of heating issue

Earlier events

Visited hydro-electric project on the weir

Informal meeting with Goring Parish Councillors

Attended and spoke at the 30th celebrations of the twinning with Belleme

Visit to Goring Primary School

Attended judging of best village competition event

Attended re-opening of St Thomas's Church

Visit to music festival

Meeting with HSBC reps re. closure of branch

Talk to Goring & Streatley Amenity Association

Attended Fire Cadet event at Fire Station

Dinner speech to Goring Lions

Meeting about library

Visit to Goring Scouts community activity

Visit to Diamond Jubilee event

31 DEC 2009

Goring Heath

Visit to Frontiers

Visit to Oratory Prep School

Visit to Flint House

29 JAN 2012

Great Haseley

Visit to farmers' market

15 JUN 2009

Great Milton

Most recent events in Great Milton

Great Milton choral evensong 22 September 2014- arrangement of event

Great Milton Fete 14 June 2014 - attended

Earlier events

Visit to Great Milton Primary School

Opened Church fete 2009

Opened affordable housing development at Potts Close

Informal meeting with parish council to discuss issues of concern to the village

Meeting residents about Childrens Centre

Royal Wedding Street Party

29 JAN 2012

Hampton Gay

Site meeting re heritage

10 MAY 2009


Address to Annual Parish Meeting

Opened Harpsden fete

Royal Wedding Party

Launch of Victoria County History volume

Meeting re planning

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Henley

Henley YMCA 24 October 2014-attended meeting

Surgery Henley 11 October 2014- attended meeting

To Kill a Canary at the Kenton Theatre 17 September 2014 - attended opening night

Play about Drugs, Henley 15 September 2014 – attended

Henley Show 13 September 2014 - awarded prize for handsomest heavy horse

Henley Rowing Club 5 September 2014 – spoke at 175th anniversary dinner 

Disabled regatta Henley 30 August 2014 – opened

Henley WW1 remembrance 3 August 2014 – attended

Town & Visitors Regatta Henley 2 August 2014 – attended

Henley Royal Regatta 4 July 2014 - attended

Townlands 17 May 2014 Visited site to see progress

Gillotts 16 May 2014 Meeting with Head and chair of Governors

Breakspear 9 May 2014 Meeting

Ella's Kitchen 9 May 2014 Meeting

Henley May Fair 5 May 2014 Attended

St Mary's Henley 27 April 2014 Thames Chiltern District St Georges Service for Scouts, Beavers, Cubs

Henley Town Meeting 10 April 2014 Attended meeting

Visit of Henley College Students 26 March 2014 Talked and discussed issues with Henley College students

Surgery in Henley 18 January 2014

Henley in Transition 17 January 2014 Attended meeting

BBC Berkshire 14 January 2014 Broadcast re Townlands and flooding

Henley Standard Christmas Party 19 December 2013 Attended

Townlands Steering Group 22 November 2013 Attended meeting

James Wakeham and Riana Relihan, 20 November 2013 Meeting re. Townlands

River & Rowing Museum 15 November 2013 Trustees meeting

Sainsbury's Henley 15 November 2013 Visit to discuss shop performance and neighbourhood relations

Rupert House, Henley, 15 November 2013 Visit to the school

Lest We Forget launch, Henley 8 November 2013 Helped launch project

NYJO, Henley 8 November 2013 Attendance at concert

Market Place, Henley 2 November 2013 Brief visit to Royal British Legion to hear Sam Brown's ukulele band

Slovenian National Assembly President, 15 October 2013 Met Janko Veber for discussions and to build on twinning between Henley and Bled

Henley Rates 11 October 2013 Henley Partnership meeting

Triathlon wash-up meeting, Henley 25 September 2013 Chaired meeting

Henley Partnership 19 September 2013 Talk to partnership about neighbourhood plan

The Henley Show 14 September 2013 Judged the Handsomest Heavy Horse in the show

Henley cinema 13 September 2013 Tour of cinema

Neighbourhood Planning meeting Henley 6 September 2013 Visited stand in Market Square

Earlier events

Visited the River & Rowing Museum

Visited Henley Rowing Club

Went on the beat with the police

Attended GOHoT meetings

Attended Townlands public exhibitions

Attended the Henley Festival

Attended the town regatta

Visit to NOMAD

Visited Christ Church to look at expansion plans

Discussions with Gillotts School

Visited Kingwood autism reception

Attended Upper Thames Rowing Club

Visted and awarded prize for prettiest heavy horse at the Henley Show

Attended Literary Festival and spoke at opening night

Formal meeting with Town Council

Meetings with The Henley College

Remembrance Day wreath laying

Participated in the Olympic rowers welcome day

Presentation of awards to Henley Sea cadets

Attended the River & Rowing Museum 10th anniversary

Attended the women of achievement awards

Visit to Live Luggage

Visit to Landmark

Attended concert to launch restored organ at St. Mary's

Took tea with Valerie Alasia re. Townlands Hospital

Visit to Stuart Turner Ltd

Visit to Henley Youth Club

Visit to Henley Rugby Club

Visit to Invesco Perpetual

Visit to Lovibonds

Visit to Chilterns Centre

Introduction to An audience with Ann Widdecombe at the Kenton

Launch of Breast Cancer Awareness walk

Opened Power International concer

Visit to Brakspeare and local pub

Unveiled gold coin Iron Age hoard at River and Rowing Museum

Guest speaker Henley Civic Dinner 2009

Visited the Henley Food Festival

Attended the Henley Civic Service 2009

  Presented prizes at Investors in Education Awards

Meeting with Autism Speaks

Created and awarded politics prize for student at The Henley College

Attended Water Exhibition at River and Rowing Museum

Escorted visiting New Zealand MPs to River and Rowing Museum

Henley Regatta 2009

Henley Festival 2009

Meeting with stakeholders in Trinity School about school places

Sponsored race and presented trophies at Henley Town & Visitors regatta 2009

Closed Henley-Leichlingen twinning youth concert

Charity lunch for Chiltern Centre

Henley 'best of...' meeting

Opened new affordable housing development at Quebec Road

Henley Literary Festival 2009

Attended Henley Trafalgar Day parade

Opened affordable housing at Quebec Road

Speaker at breakfast meeting on planning

Attended breakfast meeting for SMEs

Meeting with SE Ambulance Trust

Kenton for Keeps event

Attended presentation at the Henley Youth Centre April 2010

Meeting Townlands Community Group

Civic Service for new Mayor 2010

Discussion at the Town Hall with Henley Youth Council

Visit to Henley YMCA

Attended trustees meeting River & Rowing Museum

Meeting with Connextions

Budget presentation to Business Fit Club

Street surgery Boston & Niagara Roads and Newtown Gardens

Attended dedication of Viking boat at Henley Sea Cadets

Ceremony re. cheque for Chiltern Centre for sale of B Johnson portrait

Meeting new Area Police Commander for briefing

Sponsored race at 2010 Town and Visitors Regatta

The Henley Show awarded prize

Opened Disabled Regatta

At opening of Askew Gallery

Spoke at Phyllis Court Probus Club

Spoke at Henley Bridge Rotary Club

Visited Gillotts celebration

Gave prizes to schools at Tesco Henley

Gave prize at Invesco for Lift Share Week

Visited Headway, Henley

Upper Thames Rowing Club to present medals

Power International and Chiltern Centre Charity dinner

RSA seminar, Henley Cricket Club

Visit to Upper Thames Rowing Club

River and Rowing Museum Trustees meeting

Opening HOT Frog Cafe

Meeting young people with Parkinson's disease

Visit to Valley Road school

Visit to Bluebells

Henley Mayor Making 2011

Meeting Henley CAB

Meeting Henley Police station

Visit to May fair 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party Church Street

Royal Wedding Street Party St Andrews Road

Talk to Henley probus club

Attended gala night Henley Youth Festival

Disabled regatta reception

Visit to Sacred Heart School

Visit to River and Rowing Museum exhibition

Henley Civic Dinner 2011

Visit to Leander Club open evening

Trustees meeting river & Rowing Museum

Surgery 12 June

Civic Service

Headway lunchtime concert

Volunteers fair

Henley Regatta 2011 

Henley Primary Schools event

Disabled regatta 2011

Presented Tesco schools vouchers

Henley show - heavy horse judge

Chiltern Centre charity lunch

Met Ben Allcock running to Henley for OAB

Surgery 15 October

Henley Society - talk about Localism

Trustees meeting River & Rowing Museum

Meeting Open Spaces Society

Henley Standard Christmas Party

Henley Tennis Club cheque presentation

Henley Society lunch

Visit to Open Spaces Society

The Henley College discussion on citizenship

Challenge Henley meeting

Skateboard exhibition

Meeting re planning

Henley street surgery tour

Remembrance Sunday 

Photograph for 100 faces of Henley

Seminar on skills for local businesses

Henley Royal Regatta

Discussion with Henley College students

Spoke at Neighbourhood Planning meeting

Visit to the police

Visit to Badgemore school

Visit to Diamond Jubilee river pageant

River & Rowing Museum Trustees meeting

Discussion with The Henley College student Amnesty International group about the Arms Trade Treaty

Meeting about Neighbourhood Planning

Trinity Chruch remembrance exhibition

Visit to Trinity School

Chaired meetings of Triathlon liaison committee

Opening of new charity shop

Living Advent Calendar event

Visit to Post Sorting

Visit to Halifax

Attended celebration of Sue Ryder Women of Achievements

Henley Coronation pageant

Henley Partnership meeting

Meeting with FSB Henley


Henley Royal Regatta

Henley Sailing Club

Filming at the Henley College

Mercers Solicitors

St Marys School, Henley

Visit to Henley Food Bank

Henley Partnership lunch

Henley Partnership re Business Rates

28 APR 2009


Most recent events in Horspath

Horspath Hub 19 September 2014- attended meeting

Horspath Opening of Village Hub 7 June 2014 - attended

Opening of community Hub 7 June 2014

Horspath Community Hub 23 May 2014 Visit to talk about post office

Horspath 16 September 2013 Village tour

Earlier events

Spoke at Green Belt rally

Visited Horspath Primary School

Meeting with Martin Harris re Wind turbine (meeting held at Benson)

Discussion meeting in village hall with Ahmadiyya Muslim group

16 OCT 2011

Horton cum Studley

Horton cum Studley 25 September 2014 - attended meeting

Attended and spoke with Parish Council and local residents

Started Otmoor Challenge 2012

16 APR 2012


Visit to prison

Arranged for NOMS meeting with local residents

Visited the Buck project

17 MAY 2011


Visit to constituent

27 MAR 2010


Most recent events in Islip

Islip 18 May 2014 Launch of Blue Plaque to Robert Graves

Earlier events

Visit to school

Visit to Medical Centre

Public meeting

Street surgery

Visit to Dr South's to re-present PTA award

Meeting with local residents about railway bridge

Tykes and trikes

Westminster Bike Ride

19 JUN 2010


Visit to police to be briefed on policing in Kirltington, Beltchingdon, Islip, Otmoor, Horton cum Studley, Merton

17 MAY 2011

Kidmore End

Visit to school

14 MAY 2011

Kingston Blount

Attended street fayre May 2011

Visit to Montessori Pre School

Street Fair 2013

16 MAY 2010


Informal meeting with parish councillors

Visit to the school

Visited Kirtlington fete

18 MAR 2009


Attended charity concert

Visit to Blue Cross

Meeting M40 CEG Group

Visit to the school

03 OCT 2009

Little Milton

Most recent events in Little Milton:

Little Milton Parish Council 25 September 2014-attended meeting

Little Milton Shop 17 September 2014- visited

Little Milton church fete 21 June 2014 - attended

Earlier events:

Attended dedication of Outdoor Learning area at school

Visit to coffee shop and new stores

Opened summer fete 2010

Attended 2013 fete

23 MAY 2010

Lower Assendon

Visit to studio of Anne Arlidge as part of Oxfordshire Arts Weeks

14 MAY 2011


Most recent events in Mapledurham

Mapledurham Estate 23 September 2014- attended and discussed

Mapledurham 28 February 2014 Discussion on rural economy

Earlier events

Visit to farm

Visit to Estate

12 FEB 2011

Marsh Baldon

Visit to school

16 SEP 2009


Attended British-American Parliamentary dinner with US Senators

02 SEP 2013


Visit to Parish Council chairman

17 MAY 2011

Milton Common

2011 SODC chairman's dinner

27 MAR 2010


Meeting with NFU

Attended and spoke at Annual Parish Meeting

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Nettlebed

Nettlebed Arts Show 3 August 2014 – attended

Nettlebed archaeology group walk 25 January 2014 Spoke to group

Nettlebed Surgery 26 September 2013 Visit and discussion

Earlier events

Attended village Art Show 2008

Attended Sue Ryder History Day

Working with Sue Ryder to help their network fund raising support

Briefing at the surgery on NHS issues and rural areas

Attended craft fair

Informal meeting with Nettlebed Parish Councillors

Photo with village Neighbourhood Watch group to mark Neighbourhood Watch Week

Opened village Art Show 2009

Attended Sue Ryder Big Wigs award 2009

Visit to new shop

Royal Wedding Street Party

Opening of White Hart

Meeting Country Land & Business Association

Meeting on environmental matters

UN Milk Day - milk monitor at school

Tree planting for Diamond Jubilee

18 MAR 2009


Visits to Lighthouse Nursery to discuss problems of nursery sector

27 JUN 2010


Most recent events in Noke:

Noke 25 September 2014- attended meeting

Earlier events:

Visit to Noke Midsummer event

15 JUN 2009


Visit to the Crown to meet new landlords

10 JAN 2013

Nuneham Courtenay

Most recent events

Churches Conservation Trust 23 May 2014

Earlier events

Christmas Party

19 JUL 2009


Most recent events in Otmoor

Otmoor 17 January 2014 Attended to see murmuration of starlings

Earlier events

Meeting with NFU and Environment Agency re drainage and farming on Otmoor

Opened new RSPB bird hide

20 JUN 2009


Most recent events in Oxford

Meeting with ESU and Rhodes Scholars 23 October 2014-spoke

Meeting with LEP 10 October 2014-attended meeting

3rd Bridge meeting 3 October 2014-attended meeting

BBC Oxford 19 September 2014- broadcast

Cathedral, Oxford 4 August 2014 - attended service for WW1

Third Bridge Meeting 11 July 2014 - chaired

Bishop of Oxford 14 May 2014 Meeting

OHCT 2 May 2014 MeetingMeeting re Oxford Flooding 10 April 2014 Attended meeting

Meeting with Oxfordshire LEP 28 March 2014 Meeting with CEO

BBC Oxford 27 March 2014 Broadcast on Crossrail

Flood summit 21 March 2014 Attended and spoke at Oxford flood summit

BBC Oxford 20 March 2014 Broadcast on Lewknor

BBC Oxford 14 March 2014 Broadcast on Townlands Hospital

BBC Oxford 11 March 2014 Broadcast on ambulance figures

BBC Oxford 24 February 2014 Broadcast on Whitchurch Bridge

BBC Oxford 24 January 2014 Broadcast on Wheatley traffic

BBC Oxford 18 December 2013 Broadcast about unemployment

In The Hot Seat, BBC Oxford 13 December 2013 Interview for the BBC

Oxford Preservation Trust, 25 October 2013 Visit to the trust

Earlier events

Briefing meetings with Oxfordshire County Council

Briefing meetings with Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust

Briefing from Oxford Brookes

Visit to Oxfordshire Communities Foundation

Visit and tour of BBC Oxford

Meeting with County Council about Whitcalls Lane Nuffield

Meeting Diocesan Director of Education

Planning seminar 4 November 2010

Meeting Unipart re broadband

Meeing PCT re Townlands 15 October 2010

Meeting Mental Health Trust re Townlands

Meeting county council re libraries and youth centres

Meeting county council re Townlands

08 JUN 2009


Visited Peppard Summer Fete

Visit to Ways and Means Trust

Visit to Greenshoots Open Day

Interview with Peppard News

Meeting with school Governors

12 JUN 2014


Most recent events in Playhatch

Playhatch business 14 March 2014 Meeting with local businesses re. flooding

28 JAN 2015


Most recent events in Postcombe:

Postcombe M40 CEG 23 September 2014- attended and discussed

23 MAY 2010


Most recent events in Pyrton

Ride and Stride, Pyrton 13 September 2014 - set them off

Pyrton Fete 17 May 2014 Visit to fete

Earlier events

Visit to studio of Ruth Heppel as part of Oxfordshire Arts Weeks

Visit to studio of Lydia Segrave as part of Oxfordshire Arts Weeks

Visit to Pyrton and Shurburn Fair 2011

Visit to ORCC oil  project

Fete 2013

28 JUN 2009


Meeting with Reading Borough Council

07 JUN 2012

Rotherfield Peppard

Spoke at Annual Parish Meeting

18 MAR 2009


Opened Sandford church fete

23 MAY 2010

Shepherds Green

Visit to studio of Janet Callender as part of Oxfordshire Arts Weeks

31 DEC 2009


Speaker at Sinodun Rotary dinner

Spoke and drew raffle at Gardening Club garden open-day

16 SEP 2009


Recent events in Shiplake

Shiplake School, 14 October 2013 Discussion with visiting group of students

Earlier events

Informal meeting with Parish Council

Visit to Shiplake College

Visit to Shiplake School

Memorial Hall fundraising opner

Visit to Shiplake College and address at service

28 JAN 2015

Shipton on Cherwell

Most recent events in Shipton on Cherwell

Shipton Parish Council 18 September 2014 - met council

22 MAY 2012


Evensong under auspices of Churches Conservation Trust

28 APR 2009


Participated in CPRE Green Belt Way walk

18 MAR 2009

Sonning Common

Most recent events in Sonning Common

BBC Berkshire 5 August 2014 - broadcast on Playhatch Road

BBC Berkshire 4 August 2014 - broadcast on Playhatch Road

Sonning Common Post office 15 April 2014 Visited post office

Chiltern Edge School 28 November 2013 Adjudicator of public speaking competition

Sonning Common NP 11 October 2013 Attended Neighbourhood Plan meeting

Earlier events

Attended school Chistmas fair

Meeting re. village plan

Visit and tour around the school

Started On Your Bike bike ride 2009

Visited Chiltern Edge School

Started On Your Bike ride 2010

Visit to Bird in Hand to celebrate trading

Visit to Primary School

Visit to Sure Start

Visit to Pre-school

Nottakwire cheque presentation

Presented cups for Horticultural show

Opened Abbeycrest Care Home

Visit to Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Bishopswood Special School

Leavers ceremony at Chiltern Edge

Spoke at Sonning Common School

18 MAR 2009

Sonning Eye

Meetings about traffic problems

Visit to Lafarge to discuss future plans and local impact

Visit to Redgrave-Pinsent rowing lake

Meeting with Lafarge

Meeting with Ronnie Emmanuel

13 FEB 2010

South Stoke

Discussions with Parish Council

Discussions at inaugural meeting of home workers group

Visit to school

15 NOV 2011


Most recent events in Stadhampton

Stadhampton Environmental group 7 June 2014 – visited

Stadhampton 14 March 2014 Visit to site of clay pigeon shooting

Reopened Stadhampton church 11 October 2013 Re-opened the church as joint church and community space

Earlier events

Charity murder mystery 2011

Visit to School

Visit to Diamond Jubilee memorabilia display

14 NOV 2009

Stanton St John

Most recent events in Staton St John:

Stanton St John Parish Council 25 September 2014-attended meeting

Earlier events:

Visit to Holford Centre

Visit to pre-school and nursery at the Holford Centre

18 FEB 2011

Stoke Row

Most recent events in Stoke Row

Stoke Row School 13 December 2013 Visit to hear about links with Zambia

Earlier events

Visit to local shops

Opened TrustedCare

08 JUN 2009


Visited Sydenham summer fair 2009

Visited Sydenham summer fair 2010

Various visits with Thames Water

18 MAR 2009


Opening refurbished school

Opened concert for St Giles Church

Festival choir April 2011

Briefing on Neighbourhood Planning

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Thame

Thame Civic Service 19 October 2014-attended

Meeting with Pentangle, Thame 10 October 2014-attended meeting

Thame Advisors Group 24 September 2014-attended meeting

Elms Petition Group 24 September 2014- attended meeting

Thame Business Forum 23 September 2014- attended meeting and spoke

Thame Surgery 6 September 2014 – attended meeting

Thame WW1 remembrance 3 August 2014 - attended and laid a cross

Surgery Thame 28 June 2014 – attended meeting

Barclays Thame 20 June 2014 - visit for discussion with Community Leader

BBC Oxford, Thame 24 May 2014 Broadcast

Thame Community Bank 17 January 2014 Attended meeting

Meadowcroft Care Home, Thame  13 December 2013 Visit to the Care Home

Remembrance Service, Thame 10 November 2013 Laid a wreath

Visit to Sharman Beer Court Thame 30 November 2013 Visit to see impact of lift

Waitrose Thame 25 October 2013 Discussion about Christmas charitable work

Sainsbury's Thame 25 October 2013 Visit to discuss charitable work

Surgery, Thame 6 September 2013 Surgery in Thame

Branch meeting in Thame 5 September 2013 Attended and spoke at meeting


Earlier events

Visit to discuss plans for new football ground

Attended St Joseph choir concert

Initiated Town Council seminar about the town’s future

Awarded prizes at the Thame Show

Visit to community hospital

Visit to CAB

Civic reception and award of medals for past mayors

Cutting the cake at Christmas Senior Citizen’s tea party

Visit to DAF trucks

Attended leaving party at Age Concern Day Centre

Attended meeting of Cattle Market Action Group

Attended civic Service

Meeting and briefing with British Legion

Thame Charity Ball

Visit to spring fair

Judging of Thame Carneval parade

Walked Site D with protesters

Presented Museum with its MLA Accreditation Certificate

Attended Civic Awards Ceremony 2009

Helped open new cycle shop

Attended Thame Beer Festival 2009

Spoke to combined local U3A groups in Thame church

Campaigning in market for Thame hospital petition

Protest with local GPs over Thame hospital

Thame Show 2009

Visited home educating family

Attended and spoke at public meeting on Thame Hospital

Attended Remembrance Day service 2009

Opened new Thame brewery at Cross Keys Pub

Performed at Mayor's Christmas party for older people

Guest at Chinnor Rugby Club President's lunch

Dedication of remembrance garden to young people in Thame who have died


Visit to Thame Day Centre May 2010

Foundation laying ceremony - Thame football stadium

Meeting and discussion with leaders of Thame Residents Groups

Visit to Barley Hill School

Judging and losing egg and spoon race against the Mayor at 2010 Thame Carnival

Participated in the opening of Thame Library

Thame Youth Memorial event prize awards

Thame Civic Service

Participated in Thame pub quiz night

Cutting cake for Oxfam book shop

Opening of extension to Day Nursery at Lord Williams

Visit to new football stadium

Visit to Thame Older People Christmas tea party

Guest Chinnor RFC

Visit to Lord Williams

Music in the Park Festival


Thame Civic Reception 2011

Early morning working at Thame market

21st century Thame walkabout

Thame Food Festival

Surgery 5 November 2011

Thame Charity Fair

Remembrance Day Thame 2011

Neighbourhood Planning meeting


Meeting about Black Horse

Visit to Primary Design

Lunch and speech at Rugby Club

Meeting about Old Nag's Head

Visit to RAF Halton ceremony of Freedom

Visit to St Joseph's school

Visit to Lord Williams School

Thame Neighbourhood Plan meeting

Music in the Park

Thame Carnival

The Thame Show

Visit to Scouts

02 MAY 2011


Tiddington Coffee Morning 8 October 2014-attended

Attended Royal Wedding Street Party

01 SEP 2009


Attended Towersey Festival 2009

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Warborough

Warborough School 7 February 2014 Talked to assembly

Earlier events

Presented prizes for village flower, fruit and veg show

Opened garden at St Laurence School

Chaired gravel campaign meeting

Spoke and drew raffle at Gardening Club garden open-day

PAGE meetings

Visit to Footseps

Royal Wedding Street Parties

Warborough Fayre

Warborough Show

Visit to constituent

Visit to Diamond Jubilee flower display

25 SEP 2011

Warburg Reserve nr Bix

Visit and discussion with BBOWT

23 FEB 2011


Visit to M40 service area as major local employer

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Watlington

Watlington Church fete 7 June 2014 – attended

Surgery Watlington 7 June 2014 - attended

Christmas Tree Festival Watlington 14 December 2013 Visit to Festival

Watlington Air Quality Group 14 November 2013 Meeting

Surgery, Watlington 9 November 2013

Earlier events

Launched British Legion poppy appeal

Visited Icknield school

Visited primary school Christmas fete 2008 and 2009

Visited village Christmas shopping day

Briefing from local farmers on rural issues

Presentation of award to Rainbow nursery

Attended opening of recreation ground

Visited Youth Club

U3A meeting - guest speaker

Attended West Texas Chamber Singers concert and gave vote of thanks May 2010

Visited Peter Foster's studio as part of Oxfordshire Arts Weeks

Visited Church fete June 2010

Meeting re Watlington Hospital

Visit to Rainbow nursery

Visit to Icknield College for Remembrance

St George's Day event 2011

Discussion with FOWL

Visit to primary school

Visit to Icknield School

Fete June 2013


23 FEB 2011

Weston on the Green

Most recent events in Weston on the Green

Weston on the Green 18 September 2014- open meeting

Earlier events

Visit to ice cream producer

Visit to Diamond Jubilee celebrations

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Wheatley

ASDA Wheatley surgery 25 September 2014-attended meeting

Surgery at ASDA Wheatley 13 June 2014 – attended meeting

BBC Oxford Wheatley 29 March 2014 Met and broadcast on Wheatley

Wheatley Traffic 31 January 2014 Open public meeting

Wheatley Post Office 13 December 2013 Visit to post office

ASDA Wheatley 27 September 2013 Street surgery

Earlier events

Visit to John Watson’s Kids Club

Opened new English and Media building at Wheatley Park School

Meeting about Brookes Wheatley campus

Coffee at the Merry Bells

Informal meeting with parish council to discuss issues of concern

Visit to McBarron Wood

Discussion with pub chain about pub and alcohol issues

Visit to Wheatley Park School and debate with students

Visit to Oxford Brookes

May Day celebration 2011

Visit to primary school

Chaired meetings between LEA and primary school governors

Licensing service for new vicar

Visit to ASDA staff and supported projects

Meeting Oxford Green Belt Network

Surgery at ASDA

Drop-in surgery at ASDA

Meeting People Value Ltd

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Whitchurch

Whitchurch Coffee Morning 23 September 2014- attended

Whitchurch Fete 30 August 2014 - attended

Meeting Whitchurch Bridge Company 4 April 2014 Meeting to discuss timetable

Meeting with Whitchurch bridge principals 14 February 2014 Positive meeting hosted with Alok Sharma MP

Whitchurch church coffee morning 17 September 2013 Attended and met constituents

Earlier events

Attended meeting to support toll increase protesters

Visited Whitchurch Primary School

Return visit to Whitchurch Primary School to collect scarf for PM

Launched PAWS cycle ride (from Pangbourne side)

18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Woodcote

Woodcote talking to people 22 September 2014

Woodcote surgery 19 July 2014 - attended

Woodcote Community Centre 9 May 2014 Helped cut birthday cake

Woodcote Parish Annual Meeting 15 April 2014 Spoke at meeting

Oratory Prep School 7 February 2014 Speech to School Council

Earlier events

Attended meetings and provided support for campaign to save Olga Mowforth House

Attended Woodcote Festival

Started Lions Woodcote-Goring 10k run

Supported village in judging for best village in South East

War Memorial service and celebration 

Visit to Primary School

Visit to Langtree School

Surgery 24 September

Opening Mowforth House

Meeting with the Neighbourhood Planning leaders

Attended neighbourhood Plan exhibition

Spoke at 2012 Annual Parish Meeting

Visit to the Oratory School

Oratory Prep school charity dinner

16 APR 2012


Visited the quarry

Attended meeting at beckley about the quarry

18 MAR 2009


Visit to discuss plans for Thomley

Commissioned competition for the design of my 2008 Christmas card

Meeting with Children in Touch

Welcome back to Ed and Ben after 12 marathons for Thomley

How this page works

You can find out what I have done in your area by clicking on your village or town icon on the map on this page.  The blue pins mark places I have undertaken regular engagements.  The red pins mark places I visited as part of my 'On Your Doorstep' 2011 and 2012 tours of some of the smaller communities in the constituency.

I am particularly pleased to have completed already a visit to every school in the constituency.