18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Crowmarsh

Crowmarsh Gifford School 11 July 2014 – attended to receive Send My Friend to School information

Style Acre, Crowmarsh Gifford 17 September 2013 Visited and met staff and those attending

Earlier events

Visit to Environment Agency to discuss flooding

Attended public meeting on proposed Bloor housing development

Attended public inquiry (day 3) into Bloor housing development

Visit to the school

Discussions with parish council re. village

Informal briefing of SODC planners on Open Source Planning

Visit to CABI

Visit to HR Wallingford re. flooding

Visit to Hydrology Centre

Meeting with SODC cabinet

Visit to CABI

Visit to the school

Visit to Battle Farms

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How this page works

You can find out what I have done in your area by clicking on your village or town icon on the map on this page.  The blue pins mark places I have undertaken regular engagements.  The red pins mark places I visited as part of my 'On Your Doorstep' 2011 and 2012 tours of some of the smaller communities in the constituency.

I am particularly pleased to have completed already a visit to every school in the constituency.