18 MAR 2009


Most recent events in Henley

Henley YMCA 24 October 2014-attended meeting

Surgery Henley 11 October 2014- attended meeting

To Kill a Canary at the Kenton Theatre 17 September 2014 - attended opening night

Play about Drugs, Henley 15 September 2014 – attended

Henley Show 13 September 2014 - awarded prize for handsomest heavy horse

Henley Rowing Club 5 September 2014 – spoke at 175th anniversary dinner 

Disabled regatta Henley 30 August 2014 – opened

Henley WW1 remembrance 3 August 2014 – attended

Town & Visitors Regatta Henley 2 August 2014 – attended

Henley Royal Regatta 4 July 2014 - attended

Townlands 17 May 2014 Visited site to see progress

Gillotts 16 May 2014 Meeting with Head and chair of Governors

Breakspear 9 May 2014 Meeting

Ella's Kitchen 9 May 2014 Meeting

Henley May Fair 5 May 2014 Attended

St Mary's Henley 27 April 2014 Thames Chiltern District St Georges Service for Scouts, Beavers, Cubs

Henley Town Meeting 10 April 2014 Attended meeting

Visit of Henley College Students 26 March 2014 Talked and discussed issues with Henley College students

Surgery in Henley 18 January 2014

Henley in Transition 17 January 2014 Attended meeting

BBC Berkshire 14 January 2014 Broadcast re Townlands and flooding

Henley Standard Christmas Party 19 December 2013 Attended

Townlands Steering Group 22 November 2013 Attended meeting

James Wakeham and Riana Relihan, 20 November 2013 Meeting re. Townlands

River & Rowing Museum 15 November 2013 Trustees meeting

Sainsbury's Henley 15 November 2013 Visit to discuss shop performance and neighbourhood relations

Rupert House, Henley, 15 November 2013 Visit to the school

Lest We Forget launch, Henley 8 November 2013 Helped launch project

NYJO, Henley 8 November 2013 Attendance at concert

Market Place, Henley 2 November 2013 Brief visit to Royal British Legion to hear Sam Brown's ukulele band

Slovenian National Assembly President, 15 October 2013 Met Janko Veber for discussions and to build on twinning between Henley and Bled

Henley Rates 11 October 2013 Henley Partnership meeting

Triathlon wash-up meeting, Henley 25 September 2013 Chaired meeting

Henley Partnership 19 September 2013 Talk to partnership about neighbourhood plan

The Henley Show 14 September 2013 Judged the Handsomest Heavy Horse in the show

Henley cinema 13 September 2013 Tour of cinema

Neighbourhood Planning meeting Henley 6 September 2013 Visited stand in Market Square

Earlier events

Visited the River & Rowing Museum

Visited Henley Rowing Club

Went on the beat with the police

Attended GOHoT meetings

Attended Townlands public exhibitions

Attended the Henley Festival

Attended the town regatta

Visit to NOMAD

Visited Christ Church to look at expansion plans

Discussions with Gillotts School

Visited Kingwood autism reception

Attended Upper Thames Rowing Club

Visted and awarded prize for prettiest heavy horse at the Henley Show

Attended Literary Festival and spoke at opening night

Formal meeting with Town Council

Meetings with The Henley College

Remembrance Day wreath laying

Participated in the Olympic rowers welcome day

Presentation of awards to Henley Sea cadets

Attended the River & Rowing Museum 10th anniversary

Attended the women of achievement awards

Visit to Live Luggage

Visit to Landmark

Attended concert to launch restored organ at St. Mary's

Took tea with Valerie Alasia re. Townlands Hospital

Visit to Stuart Turner Ltd

Visit to Henley Youth Club

Visit to Henley Rugby Club

Visit to Invesco Perpetual

Visit to Lovibonds

Visit to Chilterns Centre

Introduction to An audience with Ann Widdecombe at the Kenton

Launch of Breast Cancer Awareness walk

Opened Power International concer

Visit to Brakspeare and local pub

Unveiled gold coin Iron Age hoard at River and Rowing Museum

Guest speaker Henley Civic Dinner 2009

Visited the Henley Food Festival

Attended the Henley Civic Service 2009

  Presented prizes at Investors in Education Awards

Meeting with Autism Speaks

Created and awarded politics prize for student at The Henley College

Attended Water Exhibition at River and Rowing Museum

Escorted visiting New Zealand MPs to River and Rowing Museum

Henley Regatta 2009

Henley Festival 2009

Meeting with stakeholders in Trinity School about school places

Sponsored race and presented trophies at Henley Town & Visitors regatta 2009

Closed Henley-Leichlingen twinning youth concert

Charity lunch for Chiltern Centre

Henley 'best of...' meeting

Opened new affordable housing development at Quebec Road

Henley Literary Festival 2009

Attended Henley Trafalgar Day parade

Opened affordable housing at Quebec Road

Speaker at breakfast meeting on planning

Attended breakfast meeting for SMEs

Meeting with SE Ambulance Trust

Kenton for Keeps event

Attended presentation at the Henley Youth Centre April 2010

Meeting Townlands Community Group

Civic Service for new Mayor 2010

Discussion at the Town Hall with Henley Youth Council

Visit to Henley YMCA

Attended trustees meeting River & Rowing Museum

Meeting with Connextions

Budget presentation to Business Fit Club

Street surgery Boston & Niagara Roads and Newtown Gardens

Attended dedication of Viking boat at Henley Sea Cadets

Ceremony re. cheque for Chiltern Centre for sale of B Johnson portrait

Meeting new Area Police Commander for briefing

Sponsored race at 2010 Town and Visitors Regatta

The Henley Show awarded prize

Opened Disabled Regatta

At opening of Askew Gallery

Spoke at Phyllis Court Probus Club

Spoke at Henley Bridge Rotary Club

Visited Gillotts celebration

Gave prizes to schools at Tesco Henley

Gave prize at Invesco for Lift Share Week

Visited Headway, Henley

Upper Thames Rowing Club to present medals

Power International and Chiltern Centre Charity dinner

RSA seminar, Henley Cricket Club

Visit to Upper Thames Rowing Club

River and Rowing Museum Trustees meeting

Opening HOT Frog Cafe

Meeting young people with Parkinson's disease

Visit to Valley Road school

Visit to Bluebells

Henley Mayor Making 2011

Meeting Henley CAB

Meeting Henley Police station

Visit to May fair 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party Church Street

Royal Wedding Street Party St Andrews Road

Talk to Henley probus club

Attended gala night Henley Youth Festival

Disabled regatta reception

Visit to Sacred Heart School

Visit to River and Rowing Museum exhibition

Henley Civic Dinner 2011

Visit to Leander Club open evening

Trustees meeting river & Rowing Museum

Surgery 12 June

Civic Service

Headway lunchtime concert

Volunteers fair

Henley Regatta 2011 

Henley Primary Schools event

Disabled regatta 2011

Presented Tesco schools vouchers

Henley show - heavy horse judge

Chiltern Centre charity lunch

Met Ben Allcock running to Henley for OAB

Surgery 15 October

Henley Society - talk about Localism

Trustees meeting River & Rowing Museum

Meeting Open Spaces Society

Henley Standard Christmas Party

Henley Tennis Club cheque presentation

Henley Society lunch

Visit to Open Spaces Society

The Henley College discussion on citizenship

Challenge Henley meeting

Skateboard exhibition

Meeting re planning

Henley street surgery tour

Remembrance Sunday 

Photograph for 100 faces of Henley

Seminar on skills for local businesses

Henley Royal Regatta

Discussion with Henley College students

Spoke at Neighbourhood Planning meeting

Visit to the police

Visit to Badgemore school

Visit to Diamond Jubilee river pageant

River & Rowing Museum Trustees meeting

Discussion with The Henley College student Amnesty International group about the Arms Trade Treaty

Meeting about Neighbourhood Planning

Trinity Chruch remembrance exhibition

Visit to Trinity School

Chaired meetings of Triathlon liaison committee

Opening of new charity shop

Living Advent Calendar event

Visit to Post Sorting

Visit to Halifax

Attended celebration of Sue Ryder Women of Achievements

Henley Coronation pageant

Henley Partnership meeting

Meeting with FSB Henley


Henley Royal Regatta

Henley Sailing Club

Filming at the Henley College

Mercers Solicitors

St Marys School, Henley

Visit to Henley Food Bank

Henley Partnership lunch

Henley Partnership re Business Rates

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I am particularly pleased to have completed already a visit to every school in the constituency.