20 JUN 2009


Most recent events in Oxford

Meeting with ESU and Rhodes Scholars 23 October 2014-spoke

Meeting with LEP 10 October 2014-attended meeting

3rd Bridge meeting 3 October 2014-attended meeting

BBC Oxford 19 September 2014- broadcast

Cathedral, Oxford 4 August 2014 - attended service for WW1

Third Bridge Meeting 11 July 2014 - chaired

Bishop of Oxford 14 May 2014 Meeting

OHCT 2 May 2014 MeetingMeeting re Oxford Flooding 10 April 2014 Attended meeting

Meeting with Oxfordshire LEP 28 March 2014 Meeting with CEO

BBC Oxford 27 March 2014 Broadcast on Crossrail

Flood summit 21 March 2014 Attended and spoke at Oxford flood summit

BBC Oxford 20 March 2014 Broadcast on Lewknor

BBC Oxford 14 March 2014 Broadcast on Townlands Hospital

BBC Oxford 11 March 2014 Broadcast on ambulance figures

BBC Oxford 24 February 2014 Broadcast on Whitchurch Bridge

BBC Oxford 24 January 2014 Broadcast on Wheatley traffic

BBC Oxford 18 December 2013 Broadcast about unemployment

In The Hot Seat, BBC Oxford 13 December 2013 Interview for the BBC

Oxford Preservation Trust, 25 October 2013 Visit to the trust

Earlier events

Briefing meetings with Oxfordshire County Council

Briefing meetings with Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust

Briefing from Oxford Brookes

Visit to Oxfordshire Communities Foundation

Visit and tour of BBC Oxford

Meeting with County Council about Whitcalls Lane Nuffield

Meeting Diocesan Director of Education

Planning seminar 4 November 2010

Meeting Unipart re broadband

Meeing PCT re Townlands 15 October 2010

Meeting Mental Health Trust re Townlands

Meeting county council re libraries and youth centres

Meeting county council re Townlands

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How this page works

You can find out what I have done in your area by clicking on your village or town icon on the map on this page.  The blue pins mark places I have undertaken regular engagements.  The red pins mark places I visited as part of my 'On Your Doorstep' 2011 and 2012 tours of some of the smaller communities in the constituency.

I am particularly pleased to have completed already a visit to every school in the constituency.