30 JUN 2019

Council of Europe: Question to President of Portugal


I asked the President of Portugal what the positon was regarding amtisemtism in Portugal and more widely in Europe. This followed my visit with the Council to Lisbon when I had observed the jewish community paying for heavy guards to proetct their synagogues.

What I said was: "On my recent visit to Lisbon with the Council of Europe, I witnessed the Jewish community employing heavy guards to guard their synagogues. I'd always associated Portugal with being a Jewish friendly place". I asked: "What does this say about the current rise of antisemitism in Europe and what part does that play in Portugal?" President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said in response: "When I hear about antisemitism, I have similar feelings as for all other forms of discrimination. Any form of discrimination is wrong and it must be fought determinedly....Any form of discrimination must be eradicated".

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