13 APR 2019

Question to Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner on antisemtism

Mr HOWELL (Spokesperson for the European Conservatives Group) –

Given the background in which the Council of Europe was created, I expected to see a little more in your report about what you have been doing to tackle anti-Semitism. Would you like to take this opportunity to tell us?


Anti-Semitism has been on my agenda since I joined the office. I had several communications – sometimes not public – with the rabbi in relation to the attacks that happened here in Strasbourg, and I reached out to the Jewish community to show solidarity. I attended events when the anniversary of the Holocaust was marked, which I intend to continue doing. This week, I am going to Jasenovac in Croatia to mark the anniversary of the Holocaust and everything that happened there after the Second World War. That is just one example. I use transitional justice to address this issue, while building on everything that my predecessors did in relation to this topic. I agree; there is not much in this year's report, but that definitely does not mean that I have not been engaging and am not planning to tackle this issue prominently.

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